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Cloud Training & Enablement Solutions


Generative AI has been hyped everywhere, we provide a comprehensive Generative AI learning tracks to suite various profiles from Exec to Technical with Foundation to Advanced content to cover Google Cloud Generative AI Portfolio, key aim being to seperate hype from reality

Google Vertex AI

Google has consolidated their ML / AI including Generative Portfolio on it's powerful ML/AI platform of Vertex AI, we provide various learning tracks which utilise and cover the Vertex AI platform


Contact Center AI is one of the key workloads under Google Cloud AI portfolio, We can cover end to end consulting, training and build of (CCAI) & Dialogflow based virtual agents and conversation design having led CCAI while at Google


Looker sits in the Activation phase of the Data Analytics pipeline, Looker Enterprise is a business intelligence (BI) and data analytics platform. We can provide a business user prespective track and a Developer track training for Google Looker platform

Google Cloud Certification Tracks

We can cover the key core professional certification tracks for Google Cloud 

  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer 

  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineer

  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Architect

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